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International Competition for Young Violinists
in Honour of Karol Lipinski and Henryk Wieniawski

The 13th edition the International Competition is going to be held in 10-19 september 2015.

Karol Lipinski born in Radzyn Podlaski 30 X 1790

Henry Wieniawski

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Krzesimir Debski - Cascades, regulations and forms.

Comments and Opinions

I regard the International Competition for Young Violinists in Lublin as the most important world event for talented youths. The Competition is not only an opportunity for the budding musicians to meet, also, owing to the excellent organisation and the atmosphere of the Competition, all the participants leave Lublin full of hope and inspiration for further study and artistic achievement

Prof. Roman Totenber — USA

It is hard to overestimate the significance of the Lublin Competition. It provides an opportunity for young musicians from various countries to meet and compare their skills, styles and different schools This also concerns jurors and teachers occupied with educating the new musical generation. Yet, there is something else, a thing which is somehow elusive but fundamental I mean the legendary atmosphere of goodwill and warm-heartedness; which are present at the Lublin event. This makes everybody come here with a positive attitude and lends wings to young musicians helping them to show their best.

Prof. Zakhar Bron — Russial Germany

Many times I have tried to analyse the reasons of success of the consecutive editions of the International Competition for Young Violinists in Honour of Karol Lipinski and Henryk Wieniawski in Lublin. (...) Among many things, I wish to emphasise the unique atmosphere of the Lublin violin competitions, which is to equal degree composed by excellent virtuosity of organisers and the heart they give so generously to the participants, jurors, parents and observers. This mystery of Lublin is, I believe, the reason of the unusual success of the consecutive editions of the Competition.

Prof. Roman Lasocki — Poland

I come with particular willingness to the Lublin International Competition for Young Violinists. The atmosphere that I find here is one of a friendly meeting of young competitors, who come from many countries, their professors and the jury members. The very high artistic standard of the Competition has been constantly confirmed by its prize-winners with their brilliant achievements both in concert halls and at other important violin competitions.

Prof. Werner Scholz — Germany

I was truly honoured to be a jury member at such an important event in the world of music. In my opinion, this way of presentation of young violinists achievements is an unusual incentive and a strong stimulus for further work and the development of their musical careers.
I would like to emphasise the very nice and friendly atmosphere that permeates through the Competition both the jury members and the participants. This is undoubtedly a very positive feature of the Competition and it certifies to the good organisation of the event.

Prof. Franco Fisch, Secretary General 
of the International Contest of Music in Geneva

My great experience in attending juries at numerous international competitions, as well as in teaching at academies of music make me state with full responsibility that I regard the Lublin Competition as the most serious event of the kind in the world.

Prof. Michael Frischenschlager — Austria

(...) I admire and congratulate the organisers and sponsors of the International Competition for Young Violinists in Lublin for their effort and efficient organisation. They made this competition become one of the most important events of this kind in the world in respect of both the number of participants and its high standard of performance.

Prof. Xavier Turull — Spain

The 21st century is at hand and until now I have been quite pessimistic about the future of classical music. Will the successors be its ardent propagators? But listening to the music presented in this Competition, I do believe that classical music will live on. I have never experienced such feelings during competitions for adult participants was exceptionally high, the highest, I think, of all I have encountered so far in competitions of this kind in the world.

Prof. Ryutaro Iwabuchi — Japan

I consider it a great honour to have been invited to the jury of the famous violin competition named after Karol Lipinski and Henryk Wieniawski. In fact, this Competition was an inspiration to its English counterpart — the Yehudi Menuhin Competition in Folkestone. I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart the Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society of Lublin for this pleasure, which thanks to the Competition became mine too.

Prof. Robert M. Masters — England

This competition is indispensable! It is unique and should be considered as an obligatory stage to pass for each young violinist dreaming about a career.

Prof. Paul Urstein — Switzerland

The significance of each musical competition of defined, among other things, by regular occurring, clear distinct repertoire requirements, intelligible evaluation criteria, and jurors musical authority. A very important thing is continuity and stability of ratings, which can only be achieved through inviting the same persons for several successive editions. If we add the organisers professionalism and their gift of creating warm hearty atmosphere surrounding everybody, we will certainly get an event of world-wide significance.
That is the case of the Lublin Competition, which I always attend with the greatest contentment and with the same contentment I later watch the winners successes in the concert halls of the world.

Prof. Edward Zienkowski — Poland/Austria

An international competition should support the candidates, give them the right exposure and be part of their development. All this should take place in a well organized and helpful atmosphere.
The Wieniawski, Lipinski competition has all these qualities. It is one of the most important and well regarded competition today.
At the 10th anniversary I wish this competition to continue its great mission: helping young musicians to launch their career.
I am convinced that in the future the competition will continue the great tradition of it's past.

Prof Yair Kless — Israel/Austria

I celebrate the 10th Lipinski and Wieniawski Competition, which is a dream and desire of young violinists. Most of world-class violinists are verified from this international competition and it has accomplished international reputation over the world for 10 years.
I hope, its endless success and contribution to world classical music.

Prof. Miu Kim — Corea Sud

... World, in literal — geographical — for meaning of this label was endowed in the year 1979 with rise of the International Competition of Young Violinists in Honour of K. Lipinski and H. Wieniawski. The tenth edition of this wonderful event in the next year will be particle of this gift. The fact that this competition is being considered like phenomenon, to assigning belongs Competition prize winners (W. Repin, M. Wengerow, B. Niziol ) and many other people worthy representing Competition in Lublin what before everything for organizational phenomenon. The international galaxy of big names whom they gave confidence to the Competition is the organizers merit. They are considering the honour for themselves working in the Jury of the Competition. The organizers glory is such a selection of surnames which, it gained the name for Competition — FAIR. And so... in the name of all violinists and own I am bending forehead called in front of all who are creating the phenomenon „International Competition of Young Violinists in Honour of K. Lipinski and H. Wieniawski” in Lublin.

Prof. Tadeusz Gadzina - Poland

Wednesday 26 October 2016

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