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International Competition for Young Violinists
in Honour of Karol Lipinski and Henryk Wieniawski

The International Competition for Young Violinists in Honour of Karol Lipinski and Henryk Wieniawski is a regular event which is organized every three years by the Ministry of Culture, the Province Parliament Office of the Lublin, the City Office of the Lublin, the Rotary Club Lublin Centre and the Henry Wieniawski Musical Society of Lublin.
The Competition is divided into two age groups. The junior group admits violinists who will be under 17 years of age. The senior group admits those who will be under 25 years of age.

Ogólnopolski Konkurs Młodych Skrzypków
im. Stanisława Serwaczyńskiego

Równolegle z Międzynarodowym Konkursem Młodych Skrzypków im. Karola Lipińskiego i Henryka Wieniawskiego odbywają się Ogólnopolskie Konkursy Młodych Skrzypków im. Stanisława Serwaczyńskiego, urodzonego w 1791 r. w Lublinie wirtuoza, pedagoga i kompozytora, za życia znanego niemal w całej Europie, dzisiaj niezasłużenie nieco zapomnianego.

Imprezy, którym on patronuje pomyślne są jako najlepszy sposób wyławiania krajowych talentów wiolinistycznych. Laureaci otrzymują prawo reprezentowania Polski na konkursach międzynarodowych.

International Competition for Blind Musicians
in Honour of Ignacy Jan Paderewski

Uniqueness and original character of this competition, as compared to any other musical events, stems from the fact that it gives an opportunity to talented young people, who have to put exceptional effort to achieve success, to meet together and present their skills and achievements. Their tutors deserve a great respect and admiration. Their everyday, persistent training has been appreciated.

The idea to organise the International Competition for Blind Musicians in Honour of I. J. Paderewski, originated among the activists of the Musical Society already in the 21st century. Its first edition was held in September 2001. Seventeen participants applied to perform during the event.

They competed in the categories piano, violin, vocal, guitar, accordion and winds performances. It was decided that the event should be organised every three years, so just in the same way as all the other competitions organised by the Musical Society. The competition struggle was divided into two stages and comprised the participants of the ago group between 14 and 30 year olds.
Famous violinist and educator professor Roman Lasocki chaired the Jury including such eminent celebrities as: prof. Maria Foltyn, Kristina Makowska, Jerry Artysz, Bernard Ladysz. Adam Natanek Kazimierz Pustelak Russian violinist Ekerina Bespalova won the first prize of the competition.

This artistic initiative, so absolutely unique not only in Poland but even all around the world, lets young musicians wrestling with adversities of fate perform on stage and challenge the noble rivalry.

Tuesday 25 October 2016

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